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11/14/18 Update:  The fire hydrant maintenance was completed today and you may notice some discoloration in the water. Run your tub faucet until the water runs clear. The water is very safe to use, but we recommend that you do not do laundry until the water is clear.  Starting 10/30/18, we will be performing annual maintenance on all fire hydrants within the district. Part of this maintenance includes briefly running the water at each hydrant which could stir up normal sediment. The cloudiness is the same as what you would see when we routinely perform hydrant flushing in the spring/summer. 



 Winterizing Tips:  Winter is approaching and the cold weather can damage your pipes and cause water loss. Consider taking these steps:    Insulate pipes that are exposed to the cold or located on an outside wall.  Wrap "problem" pipes with electric heat tape to prevent freezing. Check the heat tape regularly to make sure it is plugged in and to make sure it is in good condition to prevent shorts and possible fires.   Open doors of your sink cabinet to allow warm air into the pipe area.  DON'T LEAVE WATER DRIPPING - it wastes water increasing your water bill and can damage your septic system.



Through Source Water Protection Grant Funding

Indian Hills Water District

is offering

Free Nitrate Well Testing

Please contact the Water District office for a sample bottle

or bring an unfiltered well water sample in a clean plastic or glass container to us.