Contact Operations

  ***In Case of Water Emergency *** Please call Michael first, then Steven or Jay if needed***

Michael Wolf - District Operations Manager

Steven Eis - Water Operator

Jay Rosenfield - Water Operator

Water Connection Information

Tap applications are reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis. 

IHWD Tap Application for Water License (pdf)


IHWD Tap Application Hardship Questionnaire (pdf)


IHWD 2019 General Specifications (pdf)


IHWD 2019 Parts Specifications (pdf)


Leak Information


March 2019 Leak

This is what a pipe leak looks like. The joint started leaking and the water spray blasts the copper pipe to a point that it wears the pipe thin and eventually there is a hole that increases in size over time. This leak was going on for a while.

If you notice a decrease in water pressure, a hole in your service could be the cause. Please let us know if you notice reduced pressure as soon as possible.