Water Quality

IHWD follows all State of Colorado Regulations to ensure clean, safe drinking water for our community. 

On an annual basis, IHWD is required to report to our community a summary of our water testing and inspection results. 

These Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) are delivered to each customer in June for the previous year. 

INDIAN HILLS WD - CO0130065 - 2019 CCR for 2018 (pdf)


IHWD2017ConsumerConfidence (pdf)


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 The MCLG for nitrate is 10 mg/L or 10 ppm. EPA has set this level of protection based on the best available science to prevent potential health problems. EPA has set an enforceable regulation for nitrate, called a maximum contaminant level              ( MCL ), at 10 mg/L or 10 ppm. 

Hardness of Water

An article by USGS:


IHWD has wells located in different water source areas. The hardness of the water in our upper well field is slightly higher effecting customers 

primarily in Zone 3.