Customer Account Information

Account Statements

 Billing statements are sent out between the 5th and 7th of each month. Please submit your payment and meter readings by the 25th of the same month.  

Before You Dig

Please call 811 or go online to to request utility locates before starting any project that includes digging. The utility companies, including IHWD, will mark buried utility lines within a few days. 

Water Tap Information

Taps applications are currently reviewed by the Board on a case by case basis. Please call the office with any questions.  The Tap Application document is available below.

Winterizing Tips

Winter is approaching and the cold weather can damage your pipes and cause water loss. Consider taking these steps: Insulate pipes that are exposed to the cold or located on an outside wall. Wrap "problem" pipes with electric heat tape to prevent freezing. Check the heat tape regularly to make sure it is plugged in and to make sure it is in good condition to prevent shorts and possible fires. Open doors of your sink cabinet to allow warm air into the pipe area. DON'T LEAVE WATER DRIPPING - it wastes water increasing your water bill and can damage your septic system.  

Beacon Meter Upgrade Project

Our current meter system requires customers to turn in a meter reading each month. Starting in 2016, the District began upgrading our meter system.  We have changed nearly 200 meters as of November 2018 and plan to increase that to 240 by the end of 2019. The appointment takes about 30 minutes and once installed you do not have to turn in a monthly meter reading - your water use is collected online. Another benefit is early leak detection. We will be contacting you to upgrade your meter soon.   

Customer Documents

RulesRegs. Jan 2018 (pdf)


IHWD Water Fees 2018 (pdf)


Water District Information 2017 (pdf)


IHWD Tap Application for Water License.docx (pdf)


Hardship Questionnaire IHWD (doc)